Describe the bug Game is capable of booting in game as of the latest ruffle when pressing start after a few seconds, but there seems to be a popup about a "Newgrounds API Connector" that doesn't seem to go away at all, that and all the locked achievements are titled as "Jumping the Shark" until unlocked. AC2

Expected behavior

The Newgrounds API connector popup shouldn't be there for the entire game and the locked achievements should have their own names instead of all being titled as "Jumping the Shark" until unlocked" DaGame2

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 108

Additional information

No response


I rechecked the list of achievements for the game, not only is "jump the shark" not an actual achievement anywhere on the list, but the cutting room floor is suggesting its placeholder text the game is falling back on instead for some reason.

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