Round ID & Round Date:

41476, Nov 24 3:24 AM PST


#7659: 'Removes some major sleepers (100% lag free)' by PowerfulBacon at commit 5ae4a8cfa6


Unsure if re-producable, but. I've had this issue two rounds in a row now, where randomly when I click State Laws then State Laws again at a later date, I become unable to ever state my laws with the State Laws button. Reconnecting does not fix this, admins ghosting me does not fix this. Moving to a cyborg shell and stating from there DOES work, weirdly, but then it breaks again for the shell. I tried closing all tabs and reconnecting just in case that was causing it but nope, still borked. Other AI's in a round with multiple (the ID given above) did not seem to have this issue, just me.


that might be related to var/currently_stating_laws, but I don't see anything that can misbehave with it.


statelaws() might have gotten a runtime before currently_stating_laws becomes false. any maintainer to check runtime errors for the round would be appreciated.

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