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Describe the specific change you would like: An event for ASY in the after the following event choices to let ASY know what is happening:

  1. Autonomy denied (ass.9.a)
  2. Independence denied (ass.13.b)
  3. Independence initially demanded but when refused the Canadians refuse to help (ass.13.a) (this just needs to trigger the same event ASY gets if Canada immediately rejects them: ass.14)

and to a lesser extent the following which will only be accessible for a player ASY with the use of gamerules/multiplayer:

  1. Independence accepted (ass.11.b)
  2. player only declare war (ass.13.c)

Explain the reasoning behind this actionable change: As of right now the ASY player will get an event if ASY has denied support letting them know of that fact and delivering a nasty war support malus. But the ASY player has absolutely no idea what is going on in any other outcome, if they can expect volunteers to show up (1) or if they'll be getting equipment (2) or getting nothing (3). Realistically, the Entente would let the Assyrians know if they're sending support and what that support would look like. There's no reason they wouldn't. Doubly weird if the war suddenly ends without notice (4) or the Entente suddenly declares war on the Ottomans (5) without any indication of what's happening. Even though the latter two can only happen through the use of Gamerules and player interference respectively, I'd argue the point stands.

Additional context or comments: Although tangential to the above, it would be nice for CAN to get an event commenting on Assyria's victory/defeat if they sent volunteers or took the player only declare war option.

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