Environment information

  • brownie Version: v1.19.2
  • ganache-cli Version: Ganache CLI v6.12.2 (ganache-core: 2.13.2)
  • solc Version: solc-linux-amd64-v0.8.1+commit.df193b15
  • Python Version: 3.9.2
  • OS: Linux 5.15.76-v8+ (Raspbian, arm64)

What was wrong

Hi, while trying to create a Contract object by using the "from_exlorer" method, brownie automatically downloads the necessary solidity compiler binaries. Unfortunately, in my case they dont work. I hope I am at the right address with this problem since it might be a problem with solc itself on my platform. I wasnt able to find a clear answer whether the released binaries work for a amd64 architecture or not.

image image image


The problem can be fixed by manually building each compiler version from source when needed. However, my application has to work for arbitrary contracts, so I would have to build all compiler versions, which would suck. Can anyone help me out here?

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