Describe the bug

1st - the game is now mostly playable after latest patches 2nd - after loading the game the menu only has 2 working clickable options (2 of 4)

Obama vs Zombies

Expected behavior

being able to click on "instructions"

Affected platform

Self-hosted version

Operating system



Opera (Chrome)

Additional information

No response


One other interesting thing about the page is that, at least on my Chrome 110, the context menu is offset right-down the further away you right-click from the top-left corner of the ruffle-embed.


@Lord-McSweeney this is caused because i scale the game up from nativ 760x420 to 200% via browser-transform i now modded the swf so it does scale on its own - so this wont happen anymore


a different issue with this game is that the bodies are rendered in front and not in background also zombies render order is wrong in ruffle

this is how it should look like: OvsZ_bug_bodies


Testing the game out on my end, while the two buttons on the bottom "Instructions and Achievements" dont seem to extend out a bit when you hover over them, I can still click on them on my end.


ok - they can be clicked now but with flashplayer they also extend when you hover over them

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