I am not sure if this is either a sqlx issue or a tarpaulin issue. I am gathering tests with cargo tarpaulin --ignore-tests --all-features --release --out Lcov --skip-clean. For some reason the bind calls are marked as not covered by tests while they must be executed in any case when the function stores the data successfully (which is the case in my tests).

Bug Description

sqlx::query( // Covered by test
            INSERT INTO table(a, b, c, d) 
            SELECT *, $4 FROM UNNEST($1::text[], $2::text[], $3::text[])
            ON CONFLICT (a, b, c) DO UPDATE 
            SET a = excluded.a, 
                d = excluded.d
    .bind(data.a.clone()) // Not covered by tests
    .bind(data.b.clone()) // Not covered by tests
    .bind(data.c.clone()) // Not covered by tests
        SystemTime::now() // Covered by test
            .as_millis() as i64,
    .await // Covered by test


  • sqlx = { version = "0.6.0", features = [ "runtime-async-std-native-tls", "postgres" ] }
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20
  • rustc --version: rustc 1.64.0
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