Describe the bug

Hello. I noticed that early BOXHEAD games:

have the same bug, when rendered with Ruffle. After the game starts, the color spills all over the scene and you cannot see characters, walls etc. In BOXHEAD: THE ROOMS you can see a part of a character that moves when arrow keys are pressed. In other games, this is not the case. Please see the screenshots below (the 1st one is from BOXHEAD: THE ROOMS):

Expected behavior

Render game levels correctly, with all sprites, walls, items etc.

Affected platform

Self-hosted version

Operating system

Windows & Mac, all versions


Chrome, Opera, Firefox

Additional information

No response


It's Bitmapdata.draw, Yeah the web version still working in progress. See in #6629


Also reported in #2842


It totally works now with the patch #6629


Tested out all 3 Boxhead games on the latest nightly desktop build of Ruffle, while they don't seem to have the full color screen issue that the ruffle web version does, there does seem to be some visual issues left that should be reported.

Boxhead 1: No characters seen to appear on the screen at all, the radar still seems to move when you do, but no one is on the screen. Boxhead 1 Ruffle

Boxhead Rooms: Seems alright, except for some reason the main character goes invisible if you move right. Boxhead 2 Ruffle

Boxhead 2p: Also seems playable but seems to be missing UI elements. If the character is invisible, it's because I took it at the very beginning while the character was under invulnerability flashing. Ruffle: Boxhead 3 ruffle

Flash: Boxhead 3 Flash

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