Platform / OS : win10 x64

Github hash: newest

Hardware: intel i3 + hd 5300 + dx11


Cannot save game/core overrides in full screen, but if swithes to window,it works fine.


This issue occurs in the latest 1.15, when use 1.14 everything works fine.


Works here regardless of window state.



swith to window:

Already restored RA to default settings.This issue is not only me, but also reproduced on multiple computers of my friends.we are using the Chinese version of the win10 x64. I don't know if it has anything to do with this.


Well what is saved to the file when it saves? "Nothing to save" means the override config would be identical to the main config, therefore it won't save. I'm guessing the only row should be the fullscreen state row then, which means it works as intended.


Yes,it works as intended.The override logic of 1.15 has changed slightly compared to 1.14.Thank you for your answer.

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