Describe the Bug

On hardware rendering (All backends), the water looks rather murky and dark compared to being bright and clean on software rendering. Also all renderers have some form of corrupt garbage text in some spots where text should be.

Reproduction Steps

For the text: Just start the game up and watch, garbage text should show up after the first loading bar fills up but before the intro fmvs, after pressing start on the title screen, and when you start a race and text starts popping up on the bottom.

For the Water: Just start a race and look at the water. On software it should look bright and clean and on hardware it will look dark and murky.

Expected Behavior

The text shouldn't be looking weirdly corrupted, and the water shouldn't be darkly murky on hardware.

PCSX2 Revision


Operating System

Windows 11

If Linux - Specify Distro

No response


Ryzen 5 5600H


GTX 1650

GS Settings

No response

Emulation Settings

No response

GS Window Screenshots

Text Errors: (Happens across all backends)

Wave Rally Corrupt Text bug 2

Wave Rally Corrupt text bug 1

Vulkan Rendering: (Happens on all hardware renderers)

Wave Rally Murky Water Vulkan

Software Rendering:

Wave Rally Murky Water Software

Logs & Dumps

Wave Rally Corrupt text bug Wave Rally Corrupt text bug Wave Rally Murky Water Software Wave Rally Murky Water Vulkan


Can you test if Preload Frame Data hw hack helps?


Tried that, it doesn't do anything with the text, but it changes the water a bit. Still isn't correct though.

Wave Rally Water Preload Frame Data Wave Rally Vulkan water bug with Preload Frame


The first pictured text bug happens only in software when tested from the dump. The second pictured text bug appears unfixable, regardless of setting or backend.

I also tried the (original water bug) dump with PFD on and it appears to work there. gs_20220702173511_Wave Rally_SLUS-20313

When I tried the new dump you took with PFD (and enabled PFD myself for it though), the result matched your own screenshot.

I wonder if this might be a texture cache issue. If so, dumps will be useless to troubleshoot it..

EDIT: Confirmed that the corruption of PFD you showed goes away if you switch to software and back, but it appears that while it fixes the water, it breaks reflections on it? They don't look accurate to me. Can you check?


I tried it out again and can confirm that it fixes it with PFD if you swap to software and back again. It does kinda make the water reflections kinda screwy though, especially when you start actually racing.

EDIT: Picture of the reflections for clarification, moreso noticeable when moving around and does not happen on software. gs_20220703131714_Wave Rally_SLUS-20313

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