Compatibility Report

  • Name of the game with compatibility issues: Carrie's Order Up
  • Steam AppID of the game: 522490

System Information

Steam deck 512 Gb specs

  • Proton version: Experimental

I confirm:

  • [x] that I haven't found an existing compatibility report for this game.
  • [x] that I have checked whether there are updates for my system available.


Game boots to the title screen fine and dandy, but crashes with a vertex shader error whether you press space to start or press start before the title screen pops up saying

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: shd_pal_swapper

memory:67:25: E5005: Function "transpose" is not defined.

at gml_Script_pal_swap_set

Also should be marked as unsupported on deck until fixed. steam-522490.log


Just start up the game and press start on the title screen or start before it pops up. Though looking on protondb, if you use d9vk through protontricks, the issue stops.


d9vk has been removed from winetricks (at least in latest version) since it has been incorporated into dxvk long ago. So for people to get this to work people just need to install d3dcompiler_43 with winetricks or protontricks. I see there was some helper script for d9vk in winetricks that might have installed the above, which is what is needed and not d9vk in itself.


I was mostly just going off the latest protondb report that got it working with it like 10 months ago.

Looking through reports though, I don't think this game ever worked with proton past the title screen.


Ye it was more a message for anyone to get it working in the future since d9vk seems to have been removed from the latest winetricks release. The specific component needed is just d3dcompiler_43

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