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To be clear, while there is a plan to remove it from the specs ( this method is implemented in Firefox as the compatibility table states.
On a lower note, it's also accessible in Chromium under the "Experimental Web Platform features" flag.
So stating "The function does not exist" doesn't seem entirely correct.

I believe MDN should wait to see how evolves and if this method is indeed removed from the specs, then a deprecation note should be added to this page.


I'd argue being under a flag is hardly "it exists". It doesn't exist in firefox without a flag (if it does at all) so the compatible table is wrong.

If the page is not going to be removed it should be marked as not available except with special flags


It's available in Firefox without a flag, only Chrome hides it behind a flag. The table is right.


It is not available in firefox without a flag. Run the test above


Oh my bad, I mixed up with the 2D one, which is available in Firefox and hidden under a flag in Chrome (that table is also wrong then).

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