Describe the bug

Crush the Castle 2 seems to get a little bit farther then the 1st one, but it softlocks on the preloader throwing up this error message in the console.

"Got RustError("Cannot access property http :// of null or undefined") when constructing AVM2 side of movie clip of type Main"

Crush the Castle 2 Player pack also seems to give similar results with a more than 1 call argument error like Crush the Castle 1 has, 2 errors trying to fetch a swf from the armor games site, and this fetch error.

"Error during movie loading: FetchError("Got JS error")"

Expected behavior

Clicking play on the preloader should start up the game.

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 108

Additional information

No response


The FetchError in Crush the Castle 2 Player Pack seems to just be the game attempting to load the Armor Games API SWF and getting a CORS error. I think the XML issue you already reported is the important issue.


Guess that makes sense, still surprised this one makes it to the preloader before breaking, but the first game just goes straight to a black screen.


Crush the Castle 2 now seems to get past the preloader now, but it only works up until I pick a castle to crush, at which point the everything on the screen vanishes except for the color of the sky and this pops up in the logs.

Error dispatching event EventObject(EventObject { type: "ctc2Event_game", class: core::CTC2Event, ptr: 0x108179f8 }) to handler FunctionObject(FunctionObject { ptr: 0x10762038 }) : RustError("Property does not exist: Multiname { ns: Single(Namespace(Namespace("flash.display"))), name: Some("GraphicsBitmapFill"), params: [], flags: (empty) }")


According to another user on discord, with #10161, the error changes to

Variable flash.display::GraphicsTrianglePath is not defined


Game is starting to render more and I can actually play the game now, but there's now a performance drop when starting a level and the level itself........ doesn't look right.

Crush Castle 2 Ruffle

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