Describe the bug Game itself seems to be reasonably playable, but when first starting up a game by choosing any difficulty on my s22, the screen that asks if you want to play the tutorial won't show the text correctly in the middle.


The game seems to suffer from similar graphical issues that #8917 does with the usual "ruffle_web-wasm_extensions.js:1094 WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: texImage2D: width or height out of range" error Screenshot_20221227_171234_Chrome

Expected behavior

The text for the screen asking if you want to do the tutorial should be showing like this. Dad2

The ingame background should look like this. Dad

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11 and Android 13


Edge 108

Additional information

No response


I can see the "PLAY TUTORIAL?" text on the web version, on Chrome (at least, when selecting Easy difficulty).


Retesting it again on my end, seems like the play tutorial text does show up fine on the web version, still not showing up at all on the mobile version. Guess I either mixed it up or just didn't see it the first time on web.


Yeah I'm not having any issue with the Play Tutorial text either.


Yeah I'm not having any issue with the Play Tutorial text either.

While it seems to be fine for me on web now, mobile is still acting weird with it. Most times the text won't be there, sometimes if I tap around in the level select, the text will show up again for a few times, then the next time I tap on a difficulty level, it'll vanish.

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