Describe the bug

Animation gets stuck on the preloader and can't do the right click trick to get it to play. I believe it used to work on an older version with slight graphical issues, but the play button is unclickable as of the latest version.

Expected behavior

For the play button to start the animation when pressed......... or to show signs of being pressable at all when hovering over it.

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Android 12


Chrome 106

Additional information

No response


Yes, it works as of build 2022-08-19 but seems to have regressed later in August. Maybe something was changed in the mouse pick logic around then.


Strangely enough, hovering over the letter with subtitles seems to work fine (as in it displays a message about the subtitles, it doesnt actually start the animation), it's just all the other buttons that don't work.

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