Being new to rails, I bring my own way of working with codebases. Wanted to ask @donrestarone how a good dev process/setup would look for working with rails and any learned insights for someone new to rails.

  • IDE (vim, vscode, jetbrains?)
  • autocompletion (dumb, solargraph, ??)
  • jump to definition
  • debugging (ide/console)
  • etc.

@yashkir I don't do much dev work for Violet as I used to, but here's what I use:

  1. IDE: Vscode (plugins: better Haml, ESlint, Gitlens) and Tmux (plugins: resurrect, yank)
  2. debugging: you can use binding.pry or byebug anywhere in the Ruby codebase to set a breakpoint

maybe the rest of the team has suggestions? CC @Ayon95 @Pralish @alis-khadka

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