Quick summary

A URL that can't be embedded will not throw an error, but silently convert to a paragraph block. This deviates from core behaviour.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a post, page, or portfolio project on a simple site.
  2. Try to embed a URL that won't embed. The user tried with this URL, and so did I. https://www.washingtonpost.com/brand-studio/wp/2021/11/05/celebrate-christmas-at-the-regions-best-holiday-destination/

What you expected to happen

WordPress should throw an error that it couldn't be embedded and give you either a retry option or to convert it to a link, as it does for atomic sites and in core.

What actually happened

The embed fails silently and is automatically converted to a link. The user is not told what happened or why.


Reported in 35886495-hc, followed up in 5321519-zd-woothemes, tested by HE in chat and myself in ticket.

Simple, Atomic or both?


Theme-specific issue?

No response

Browser, operating system and other notes

No response




Some (< 50%)

Available workarounds?

No but the platform is still usable

Workaround details

Users will likely choose to convert it to a link regardless, but this became an interaction due to the lack of feedback. Converting it to a link, if silently, is better than stripping the failed embed.



  • Tested on Simple ✅
  • Tested on AT ✅
  • Tested on Self-hosted ✅


  • Confirmed on Simple sites, automatically embeds on fail without warning.


  • Marked as Triaged for Quality Squad review

I ran into a case with this in 35990166-hc:

The URL for the embed fails in this particular page, but it works on others. And this particular page allows embeds for other URLs, just not this one.

The current workaround is to use the button block instead, for now.


It looks as though this issue was reported on another post as updated here: 5351542-zd-woothemes

  • [ ] Closed 5351542-zd-woothemes telling them we would contact them after resolution.

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  • [ ] 5321519-zen
  • [ ] 5351542-zen
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