Compatibility Report

  • Name of the game with compatibility issues: eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX
  • Steam AppID of the game: 207380

System Information

  • 512 GB Steam Deck
  • Proton version: Experimental

I confirm:

  • [x] that I haven't found an existing compatibility report for this game.
  • [x] that I have checked whether there are updates for my system available.


Like Exceed 3rd, game doesn't seem to initialize the controls unless using 5,13-6. Apparently this was one of the 2 regressions introduced after said proton version, the first one being the black screen issue (which was fixed for all 3 games with the latest version of proton experimental.) steam-207380.log


Start up the game, get past the launcher and notice the lack of control in the menu.

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