originally posted by @CAJan93 in slack:

I am a bit confused with the different parameters. Where do we list what all these params do?

docker run -it --pull=always risingwavelabs/risingwave:latest compute --help

        --client-address <CLIENT_ADDRESS>
            The address of the compute node's meta client.
            Optional, we will use listen_address if not specified.

For e.g. the compute node I found above params that are related to our discussion. listen_address was not listed and I am not sure what the difference between --client-address and --meta-address is.

Let's make it clearer what the params mean and unify them with meta params


Thank you very much for posting this issue @jon-chuang. Maybe we should also have a look at the parameters from the other components. The compactor e.g. lists

        --state-store <STATE_STORE>
            [default: ]

I would not know what are valid values here.

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