due to latest upgrade the game "Road of the Dead 1" is now playable ;)

yet "Road of the Dead 2" still has unclickable buttons and is not playable

keep up the good work ;)


The error in Road of the Dead 2 is:

ERROR run_frame:run_all_phases_avm2: ruffle_core::avm2::activation: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. (accessing field: addEventListener)
        at RoadOfTheDead_fla::PreloaderStory_1/frame16()
        at flash.display::MovieClip/flash::display::MovieClip::gotoAndStop()
        at RoadOfTheDead_fla::MainTimeline/EnterFrameHandler()

Testing it out on my end, while I do notice the read more button on the preloader doesn't seem to work, most of the buttons do seem to work and the game still breaks at the same spot (Picking your character before transitioning to the upgrade screen), I am noticing Diane isn't playing her character select animation anymore and just softlocks the game right there, whereas Cochetta still does and softlocks after the game transitions to the upgrade screen.

Can you specifically point out which of the buttons are broken on your end?


waspennator - it breaks at this point you discribed: after character selection. Also the behaviour when choosing Diane and Chochetta.

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