A new command has been released to beta with a slight mistake. The default of the scope option has been put to Web instead of Site for spo commandset add. This issue should fix that before 6.4 is released.


TBH I was just about to do the same thing but since you beat me to it than I will leave the stage to you 👍 you rock 🤩. I will take it on Monday PR review/merging than 👍


Ok @Adam-it, @nicodecleyre, I just checked to be sure: I installed a listview command set extension on a site, and it appears SharePoint installs it in the Web scope by default. So I think it's best if we follow that example for the listview commandset.

Application customizers are a different story I think. So let's just close this down with the following conclusion: The right scope depends on the type of extension.

  • Command sets in Web
  • Application Customizers in Site
  • Custom Actions...well as they're quite broadly oriented, let's just leave them be.

Thanks for all the work guys!


Now that was an unexpected turnaround 😁. Sure @martinlingstuyl as always, I agree and totally understand the conclusion. TBH it's good we (I) did not introduce any problem 🙂. I had one of those 'I am a bad maintainer' feeling 😉 Thanks for your awesome engagement and help 👍 On Monday I plan to review/merge the application customizers PRs (plus a couple of old ones) so I will also know what to do when reviewing those 🙂.


It's a good thing to stay focussed on why we do things, right?. Asking questions is a good thing. And you did.... I was just slow answering 😏 have a great weekend Adam!

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