Describe the bug

(Not an actual chat room, a simulation of one)

I've noticed when you play this game, the chat suddenly breaks 10 seconds after you type in your name. (Chat messages suddenly become no longer underlined and no more new messages appear) But it seems to work when you dont enter your name.

Edited cause it's confirmed to be a Ruffle issue.

Tested with the latest nightly

Expected behavior

It shouldn't break 10 seconds after entering in your name.

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 103

Additional information

No response


I'm seeing the same issue, I'll describe it in detail:

  • Chat messages appear normally and the chat scrolls normally until you type in your name.
  • At that point, an underlined "[username] has joined the room" message appears.
  • In Ruffle, subsequent chat messages after this are underlined, even though they are not supposed to be. Only the "[username] has joined the room" message is supposed to be underlined.
  • After the "[username] has joined the room" message reaches the top of the screen, the screen suddenly scrolls all the way back to the top, showing the messages from the very beginning. But the scrollbar still indicates that it's scrolled all the way down and it's impossible to scroll down farther.

Still an issue as of the latest nightly.

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