Describe the bug Game seems to show the cars now on desktop and on the current build on Newgrounds (Beforehand they were completely invisible), but the performance seems to tank as more cars pop up on the screen, dragging the title screen to a slow crawl and causes my laptop fans to spin up.

Provided a pic of the 2 errors i'm seeing cause this swf really seems to warm up my cpu whenever I test it. Freeway

Expected behavior

Game shouldn't slow to a crawl at the title screen

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 108

Additional information

No response


Is the performance OK on desktop or is it bad there too?


Testing it out on desktop, it's slightly better, but the performance doesn't seem 100% on my end and it still seems to heat my laptop cpu up when trying to run this. I think the errors listed in the console log pic seem to continually increase until the console refuses to publicly log anymore cause of how many there are.

Sharing specs just to further clarify: 8 GB of DD4 Ram AMD Ryzen 5 5600H CPU Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU

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