This plugin is intended to be used when a user provides their email to get all user submitted information from the system.


exclude_api_namespaces: array of ids of namespaces to exclude from lookup scan_all_namespaces: boolean -- not required if exclude_api_namespaces is provided, but if exclude_api_namespaces is not provided the plugin will not work unless you acknowledge that lookup is allowed on all API namespaces by setting scan_all_namespaces: true message: 'This is your data request, please see it below'

Email message should be sent via the email system by creating a thread named: "#{email} compliance: customer submitted data request" and inserting the message there.

The email message should contain the message defined in the message parameter along with a CSV for each of the API Namespaces that they have submitted data to (each API Namespace CSV will contain the resources that the user has submitted).



See the seeds file on how to programmatically send emails and things like that from the External API Connection.

See here for an example of a test for a Violet Rails plugin

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