The repo now contains a script to build an android prefab archive. The next problem is how to get these published to Maven Central, so SDL becomes available in all new Android gradle projects.

This requires a few checks and actions:

  • [ ] Create Central Repository account: Maven documentation says OSS projects should apply to OSS Repository Hosting.

  • [ ] Versioning: Change/modification/deletion/updating a released packaged is impossible. So only create a release when we're confident it's ok.

  • [ ] Project namespace. In the SDL and SDL_image pr, I made the executive decision to use as namespace for all SDL libraries. Is this fine for now (and eternity)?
  • [ ] Comply with requirements. The current prefab aar is monolithic, so I might need to pull it apart. But I'm unsure how to do that for a non-Java project. I think makes it compliant, but I'm not 100% sure.

  • [ ] The android docker image I used to develop the prefab script uses the latest android ndk/sdk version, which we probably don't want to use as build base. Should I look into creating a docker image using older sdk/ndk?


@slouken Creating an Android package for SDL would be easy because it has 0 dependencies. But for the satellite libraries, the situation will complicate a lot. For SDL_image: will we provide support for third party libraries such as zlib, libjpeg, .... For SDL_ttf: libHarfbuzz and libFreetype are a hard requirement. Same applies to SDL_mixer.

Since creating an Android AAR is only a matter of re-packaging, I think this should be left to package maintainers.

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