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TL;DR: The Terms of Consent Block in forms pulls the wrong response data information when listed under feedback. The Terms of Consent Block will list a value other than Consent.

This issue will not occur with newly created forms, but the issue does occur with previously created forms in specific scenarios. Please take a look at the ticket for details.

I've included a video example of this below using a test site.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Start by creating or opening a new site with a Premium Plan.
  2. Select a theme (FSE or otherwise).
  3. Create a new page and open the Code Editor.
  4. Copy and paste the content of any of the form pages noted in this ticket: 5958001-zen
  5. Exit the Code Editor, publish/update the page, then preview the page.
  6. Submit the form.
  7. View the site's Feedback section to view a form submission that includes a Terms Consent block with the wrong Response Data title.

What you expected to happen

It's expected that the Terms Consent Block would include Consent beside it.

What actually happened

Instead, the Terms Consent Block pulls the response data information from a different form field.


Some (< 50%)

Available workarounds?


Platform (Simple and/or Atomic)


Logs or notes

  • Tested in Brave 1.42.88 and Firefox 109.01
  • Theme: Balasana and Blank Canvas

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  • [ ] 5958001-zen
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