Describe the bug Game is finally starting to boot and be playable, but the game still seems to have issues.

1: The walls on the tutorial level seem to change colors between black and white, this is not supposed to happen on flash. Sometimes on the web build if I click off the page, then click back on it like 10-30 seconds later, sometimes the humans will be walking in and out of the walls (Or worst case all the humans will vanish after clicking back on)

Infectionator ruffle

2: The sprite priority is a little weird, since sometimes civilians will either just walk behind certain sprites like tents and buildings.

Infectionator ruffle 2

Expected behavior

The tutorial level shouldn't be changing block colors every couple of seconds, humans should stay within the boundaries of the level and not just vanish if I click away to another page for 30 seconds, and they should not be going behind buildings like tents.

Infectionator Flash

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 110

Additional information

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