Dear ALAppExtensions team,

Through this issue we would like to request Interface Procedure ModifyPermissionSet to be added to Codeunit 9855 Permission Set Relation the following signature:

    procedure ModifyPermissionSet(CurrAppId: Guid; CurrRoleID: Code[30]; CurrScope: Option System,Tenant; RelatedAppId: Guid; RelatedRoleId: Code[30]; PermissionType: Option Include,Exclude): Boolean
        PermissionSetRelationImpl: Codeunit "Permission Set Relation Impl.";
        Exit(PermissionSetRelationImpl.ModifyPermissionSet(CurrAppId, CurrRoleID, CurrScope, RelatedAppId, RelatedRoleId,  PermissionType));

We need this to be able to write to/control the "Tenant Permission Set Rel." table the neat way. This is already possible for the "Access Control" and the "User Group Permission Set" tables.

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