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Current Behaviour

The quests "Wanted: Giselda the Crone" and "Wanted: Zorbo the advisor" are available to be picked up before being neutral with Kurenai as the questgiver/object of them is not of the faction Kurenai

Expected Blizzlike Behaviour

The 2 quests should require you to be of neutral reputation to pick them up



Every guide you can find speaks of having to reach neutral in Zangarmarshes before going to Telaar

Steps to reproduce the problem

Fresh alliance char .tele Telaar

Extra Notes

https://wowgaming.altervista.org/aowow/?quest=9936 https://wowgaming.altervista.org/aowow/?quest=9940

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Operating system

Ubuntu 20.04







This quest and the next questline should be available without reputation, just like the Horde counterpart. But also this comment implicitly confirms that "Wanted: Giselda the Crone" and "Wanted: Zorbo the advisor" should require reputation, as it is about the availability of only one questline without reputation. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=9917/do-my-eyes-deceive-me

By yarko (1,642 – 10·24) on 2013/01/19 (Patch 5.1.0) While leveling, I skipped from Hellfire Peninsula straight to Terokkar Forest and then flew to Telaar to continue questing in Nagrand. I soon realized that the NPCs in Telaar were unavailable because I was unfriendly with Kurenai reputation. After some investigation, I learned that players can get neutral doing some quests in Zangarmarsh, and then the NPC there will send the player to Telaar with a breadcrumb quest. Well, I really didn't want to have to go up to Zang to do those quests. Then I noticed that the Nesingwary breadcrumb quest was available there and also this quest. So I did this quest and the followup and it gave me enough rep to be able to interact with the other Telaar NPCs. So glad it worked out this way.


By manko (4,094 – 15·40) on 2007/07/31 (Patch 2.1.3) If you haven't done the series in Hellfire Peninsula to become Neutral with Mag'har (avoiding Thrallmar rep quests), doing this series will get you there and let you do the Garadar quests.

Also I found this comment that "Wanted: Giselda the Crone" should require reputation. This comment also confirms that the questline starting with "Do my eyes deceive me" is available without reputation.


By 285286 (130 – 2) on 2009/08/30 (Patch 3.2.0) The pre-req to the quests are a neutral standing with the Kurenai. I got it by completing Not On My Watch available for Huntress Bintook


That is fair, edited as such

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