• [X] I have updated to the latest available Home Assistant version.
  • [X] I have cleared the cache of my browser.
  • [X] I have tried a different browser to see if it is related to my browser.

Describe the issue you are experiencing

Just updated to the latest version and Using buttons to control Philips bus lights when using a slider to adjust the brightness it does not respond to any input.

This is on a Amazon fire 10plus tablet and Using the app on this.

It works ok on a web page, but not in the app.

Describe the behavior you expected

I expect it to adjust the brightness of the light in question.

Steps to reproduce the issue

1. 2. 3. ...

What version of Home Assistant Core has the issue?


What was the last working version of Home Assistant Core?


In which browser are you experiencing the issue with?

Android app 2023.1.1 minimal

Which operating system are you using to run this browser?

Amazon fire os

State of relevant entities

No response

Problem-relevant frontend configuration

No response

Javascript errors shown in your browser console/inspector

No response

Additional information

No response

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