Describe the bug

Уеб заснемане_3-3-2023_195613_www newgrounds com look there is problem

Expected behavior

Nothing but look this Describe the bug

Affected platform

Desktop app

Operating system

Windows 11


Microsoft Edge

Additional information

i beat madness accelerant madness mode because it's fun but when i clicked return to menu i clicked it's error

0 Providing game link for testing, but I can also confirm that this happens on my end as well on normal. Didn't see anything of note pop up in the log when clicking on "Return to menu", but it does seem like it's not properly transitioning from the end screen to the main menu. I can also click on it multiple times and it essentially just does the same thing.

The main menu still seems to work and the leftover props from the ending seem to vanish if I start a new game from the menu.

Physical SWF as well yanked from Flashpoint if it makes it any easier to test (There's also a version with weaker enemies and higher ammo counts if need be too.)


yeah he is one point

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