Describe the bug For some reason this animation seems to have trouble on my S22, without testing the Blend Mode PR fixes, as soon as I start the animation, it immediately starts throwing up multiple times and looks like this.

[.WebGL-0x2035adb00]RENDER WARNING: texture bound to texture unit 0 is not renderable. It might be non-power-of-2 or have incompatible texture filtering (maybe)? MD2

With the Blend mode PR, I don't see the texture bound errors anymore, but I do get this instead and it looks like this, which is closer to how it should look, but only a partial amount of the ground seems to show up.

"020ea352:0x66f572 Error running definition tag: DefineBitsJpeg3, got Couldn't register bitmap" MD4

Expected behavior

It should be displaying perfectly without any black screen or invisible ground issues, it works perfectly on my laptop and on my steam deck, whether i'm using the blend mode PR stuff or not. MD

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Android 13


Chrome 108

Additional information

No response


This seems to be related to #6365. Are there any "width or height out of range" errors on this one?


Tried it out again with NG's version of ruffle and as soon as I get to the preloader, I immediately saw

"ruffle_web-wasm_extensions.js:1094 WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: texImage2D: width or height out of range"

in the console log. followed by the texture bound errors if I start the animation.

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