Current Behaviour

Edit: initially this was regarding crit chance above level 80, but the issue seems to be related to levels below 80 as well.

So right now when you are above level 80, spell auras that modify your crit chance (52 - SPELL_AURA_MOD_WEAPON_CRIT_PERCENT) is wrongfully calculated. It should always give X amount of crit %.

My other thought about this problem is, that bosses are level 83, do they use the same calculations for melee crit percentage as players? If so, it's a huge problem, because some bosses might have much lower crit than they should have. But that's only if it's the same formular used for creatures as for players.

Expected Blizzlike Behaviour

You should get % increased crit no matter how high your level is, even if above 80.


Tested on AC.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. make a rogue
  2. make it level 80
  3. .aura 31305 - now see that your crit increases by 5%
  4. remove the buff
  5. go to level 85
  6. .aura 31305 - now see that your crit is not increased by 5%

Additionally, you can test the exact same thing, but for spell crit. It works perfectly fine. Do the above steps with spell ID 54283 and watch spell crit chance instead.

Extra Notes

No response

AC rev. hash/commit


Operating system

Windows 10 x64

Custom changes or Modules



Okay, so I've done some more testing and there is definitely something off in the crit calculations.

If you make a new character, let's say a rogue and you set it to level 80. Your character will now have 0% crit. Which in theory could be right.

BUT... when you .aura a buff like 31305 which gives 5% crit, you gain 0 crit.

Then if you equip some gear that gives you enough critical strike rating to reach any %, let's say 3% and you put the 31305 aura on again, you will now correctly gain the 5% crit buff.

My belief is, that melee critical percentage is calculated in a manner, that actually set you to a negative crit %.

Make a naked level 80 character and start equipping gear. You have to reach a certain amount of crit, before you hit 0.01% and correctly start gaining % crit.


values seems to be different for all classes, but all classes with no gear on at level 80 has negative crit percentage. You need around 500-600 crit rating before you start gaining crit %


Apparently DKs only need around 20 crit rating before they start gaining crit %


The "negative" amount of crit is because of weapon skill Every point below max is 0,04% crit


Yea - Anchy made this clear to me last night.

So the problem is clear, the calculations obviously shouldn't be tied to the player and calculated on the player, but on the actual hit itself.

Your own crit rate should never declined based on weapon skill. The whole formular needs to be executed somewhere else. I'm not sure where or how, but this issue pretty huge.

Hopefully other people can clarify better than I have and the problem can be fixed.


Happen to have any actual sources for these claims?


I can find a source for the weapon skill in 5 seconds

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