Describe the bug

I am using Risingwave version 0.1.16. SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity ; doesn't give any expected output even when a query is executed in another terminal.

To Reproduce

  • Login into the machine using the below command:

    psql "postgres://dev:[email protected]:4566/dev?options=--tenant%3Drwc-6-releasetenant"

  • After that, create the record:

    CREATE TABLE testtable AS SELECT generate_series(1, 10000000,1);

  • Now to get the pid of the running query run the below query on the same machine from a different terminal (make sure you execute it before the execution of the above query is complete).

SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity ;

Expected behavior

pg_stat_activity should have returned the pid and other information of the running query

Additional context

No response


unsupported function: "pg_teminate_backend"

This is a typo


IIUC #7274 only provides a dummy implementation for pg_stat_activity, and functions like pg_terminate_backend (cc @yezizp2012 & it might be better if the behavior can be stated more clearly in the discription 😇). You could take a look at the code, which is very simple.


This is a typo

Thanks for supplying feat(binder): hint similar candidates when function is unknown. I think catching typos and minor issues early will be a great improvement 👍


Currently In order to integrate some other ecological tools and implement some psql commands, we have several dummy implementation of system tables/functions including pg_stat_activity and pg_terminate_backend. It's not that easy to fully support activity-related functions in the current architecture, especially under multi-frontend deployment. Need more design and let's keep it to record.

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