Describe the bug Game is finally getting past the preloader now as of the latest nightly, however this game seems to have some issues keeping it from being considered playable.

1: Go south, east twice, north into the closet, grab the gun, then go back out and east again and you'll run into cyclops, use the gun in your inventory and the animation will play out, but Cyclops will say the wrong line of dialogue for some reason that you cant click past. (You can still kill him by clicking on the gun in your inventory.)

2: After killing Cyclops, go back west twice and then go north into the classroom. Cassandra ends up saying the wrong dialogue again, but the game ends up softlocking here because of it.

Pic example 1: DX Ruffle 1

Pic example 2: DX Ruffle 2

Expected behavior

The dialogue should proceed like normal like these pics.

DX Flash 1 DX Flash 2

Affected platform

Desktop app

Operating system

Windows 11


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Additional information

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0 Uploading console log from testing on NG and seeing if anything sticks out.

I also tried it out on mobile and for some reason the gate blocking off the bathrooms east of where you encounter cyclops was stuck on the top left of the screen.

I'm also noticing all the locker doors are silver colored, rather then being color specific, probably cause the first row of lockers are silver colored

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