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What happened?

I've created a new project using pnpm/pnpx:

pnpx hardhat

Besides some 'deprecated' warnings and this strange message log like if npm has been executed in spite of pnpm, everything seems fine npm install --save-dev [email protected]^2.12.6 @nomicfoundation/[email protected]^2.0.0.

However, when I try to compile with pnpx hardhat compile, I got the error message: HH12: Trying to use a non-local installation of Hardhat, which is not supported.

The release v2.12.6 introduced the support to pnpm, didn't it?

Minimal reproduction steps

pnpx hardhat Choose Create a TypeScript project pnpx hardhat compile

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Hi @fabianorodrigo, I couldn't reproduce this. I used somewhat different steps because pnpx seems to be deprecated, but this is what I did:

pnpm init
pnpm install hardhat
pnpm exec hardhat # install stuf
pnpm exec hardhat compile

@fvictorio , it works! I have no idea that pnpx was deprecated. Thank you very much!

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