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I noticed that we are currently always waiting for the same amount of time during leader election (see here)

let mut tick_interval = tokio::time::interval(Duration::from_secs(lease_time / 2));
loop {

Maybe it makes sense to randomise this a bit and give different instances a slightly different tick_interval. This way we would space out requests a bit.

CC @yezizp2012

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Raft also uses randomised timeouts during leader election to avoid collisions


@CAJan93 whats the minimum value lease_time can have? and can you tell me how to test that particular file?


Well, I think it's not that necessary to do this, because: 1. eventually we will replace it with APIs of etcd lib or (some big refactoring); 2. even in current implementation, etcd will guarantee only one node will register successfully, it will ensure sequential writing of each requests.


I agree, it is not needed, but it would still reduce the likelihood of simultaneous election-runs that may then be repeated. Therefore I introduced this randomisation in (it really is just very few lines of code)

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