I discovered another bug while working on #366

This is tested on the current main branch efb9a7e81a1adf35a30d5ea72e412fc5b2d21c98

Might be also true for other extending and amending.

Neovim version


Operating system and version


Steps to reproduce

I cannot give a 100% step by step reconstitution, but it eventually breaks the repo when rewording while having staged files.

Expected behavior

An easy fix would be to unstage all changes prior to starting it. Maybe including a confirmation prompt when starting reword with staged changes. Or going full on with an automation to restore the staged state after a reword action.

Actual behavior

Further default actions to git repository become hardly possible due to errors. 128 git --no-optional-locks ls-files --others --cached --modified --deleted --full-name <foldername> (0.002 ms) [stderr 2]

Minimal config

Just neogit
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