Describe the bug Game seems to load up to the preloader now, however it looks kinda borked and you get stuck on it unless you use the right click play method to get the loading bar on top to stop endlessly looping.


However if you use the right click play method, you'll get stuck on the title screen afterwards.


Expected behavior

The preloading screen and the title screen should look like this.

ROTD2 Flash

ROTD22 Flash

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 108

Additional information

No response


Tested this out on recent ruffle builds, game actually loads up normally on desktop and on other sites re-hosting it now ( Game still gets stuck in a loading loop when running on newgrounds and using the ruffle web demo unless you use the right click and play method. I also noticed this in the command prompt testing it on desktop ruffle, though it does not seem to break the preloader.

ERROR ruffle_core::display_object::movie_clip: Error occured when running AVM2 frame script: RustError("Cannot access property ::addEventListener of null or undefined")

Also, even on desktop or when using the right click and play trick, the game still isn't playable yet. As soon as you pick who you want to drive, the game gets stuck on the upgrade screen, and no matter how much you click, you are stuck on this screen. with these errors spammed in the logs instead.

AVM2 error: Object(ErrorObject(ErrorObject { ptr: 0x240c0ff8 }))

ReferenceError: Error # 1069: Property transformVector not found on flash.geom.Matrix3D and there is no default value.

Error dispatching event EventObject(EventObject { type: "enterFrame", class:, ptr: 0x2424c320 }) to handler FunctionObject(FunctionObject { ptr: 0xef9ba88 }) : AvmError(Object(ErrorObject(ErrorObject { ptr: 0x23c675a8 })))

ROTD2 Ruffle


Preloader seems to be working now on Newgrounds, though the issue with the game getting stuck at the upgrade screen remains.

0 Situation seems to be the same, barring a black screen that pops up when you click play for a few seconds before the game actually starts, but now if you pick Diane, she doesn't say anything and the game softlocks there, whereas Cochetta still says something before transitioning to the upgrade screen.

Tested back to ruffle version 2023-02-11 and can manually confirm that was the last version where you could pick Diane and transition to the upgrade screen, after that the game just seems to get stuck on her forever if you pick her.

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