Steps to reproduce

  1. Open any room's settings.
  2. Go to the tab "Notifications"
  3. Click on a "settings" link of an option that is not currently selected.

Screenshot 2022-10-02 at 18-19-13 Element P2P Matrix


What did you expect?

  1. The global notification settings open.

What happened instead?

  1. The option is selected.
  2. Additionally, the global notification settings open.

Operating system

No response

Browser information

Firefox 105.0b4

URL for webapp

Application version

Element version: 1.11.8 Olm version: 3.2.12


Will you send logs?



Hi @jaller94 !

I believe it's working as expected. The option is being selected and the global settings gets open. Although the selected option it's not visible until you re-open the room settings.


As a user I don't expect a link to trigger a second action. The link is a component inside the label. Other applications like Firefox, Chromium and VS Code don't toggle checkboxes when you click on links like "Learn more" inside a label.


@jaller94 You know what, I read the expected behaviours in the opposite way. Now I know this is wrong and it's supposed to only open Global Notifications without selecting the option.

I would like to work on this one, could you please assign it to me?

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