Describe the bug

Game seems to work fine all the way up until you actually get in game, at which point the main character gets stuck in place talking no matter how many times you press right.

Also a minor issue, but for some reason the main characters eyes stay permanently shut and his mouth doesn't open up at all when he talks in the garage.


Expected behavior

You should be able to move forward when pressing D or right and the main character should be moving his mouth when talking and looking with his eyes in the garage.

Affected platform

Browser's Extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 108

Additional information

No response


~~This movie was broken by (which is part of ). That change causes this movie to seek to a completely wrong frame at one point.~~ The movie has always been broken because it skips the preloader in the first frame entirely (which in turn causes it to try to goto an unloaded frame, which causes crazy behaviour). did not make things worse, I believe it actually made things more accurate given the preloader issue.


I only just now realized that it's skipping the preloader and intro movies and going straight to the title.

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