Describe the bug

We all loved it, we all played it during the School. Make it run great again 👍

0184644a:0x4b5d7f Error dispatching event EventObject(EventObject { type: "init", class:, ptr: 0x4a28c0 }) to handler FunctionObject(FunctionObject(GcCell(Gc { ptr: 0x4a20e4 }))) : RustError("Cannot set undefined property ::client on Some(") $web_sys::features::gen_console::console::error_1::h8c359f25981109c6 @ 0184644a:0x4b5d7f

Expected behavior

load and run.

Affected platform

Self-hosted version

Operating system



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Additional information

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Trying out Shopping Cart Hero 2 on my end on Newgrounds, game seems to load pretty fine now for me, haven't played too much of it but it seems to actually get in game now, the only issue i've really noticed is that the stickman doesn't angle his head when shifting left or right, resulting in visual oddities like this.


Edit: Actually testing through it some more, it seems like it works pretty fine if you start the game immediately as soon as you get onto the menu, if you let the title screen demo play out and try to loop (Once the cart guy lands and comes to a full stop), that seems to cause the entire swf to break spamming enterframe errors. Believe it's a ruffle quirk cause I tried out this game with a site hosting it with waflash and it loops perfectly fine without breaking the entire swf.


Here are the messages: [INFO avm_trace] Error: MochiServices not connected. Please call MochiServices.connect(). Function: coins_hideLoginWidget [ERROR ruffle_core::avm2::events] Error dispatching event EventObject(EventObject { type: "enterFrame", class:, ptr: 0x223d0e347f0 }) to handler FunctionObject(FunctionObject { ptr: 0x223c6fe0580 }) : RustError("ArgumentError: Child not a valid display object")


ERROR core/src/avm2/ Error: flash.display.Loader.unload - not yet implemented


Update, game just regressed and now it breaks spamming this in the log.

Error dispatching event EventObject(EventObject { type: "enterFrame", class:, ptr: 0x185d960 }) to handler FunctionObject(FunctionObject { ptr: 0x1112458 }) : RustError("Attempted to call "flash::text::TextField::getTextFormat" with 2 arguments (more than 0 is prohibited)")

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