Compatibility Report

  • Name of the game with compatibility issues: Skeleton Boomerang
  • Steam AppID of the game: 658150

System Information

  • 512 GB Steam Deck
  • Proton version: Experimental

I confirm:

  • [x] that I haven't found an existing compatibility report for this game.
  • [x] that I have checked whether there are updates for my system available.


Game loads up to the title screen and main menu perfectly fine, but crashes as soon as you try to start a new game with a vertex shader error. Game dev is also aware of the issue and is looking into a way of fixing it if possible, if not, releasing a version without the shaders causing crashes on proton. Game seems to work if you use protontricks to install d3dcompiler_43 and d3dx9_43 or using Proton GE which has the fixes by default. steam-658150.log


Start the game up, go through the menu and try and start a new game, you won't get into the overworld before it dies.


Hello @waspennator, these look like some lines of interest in your log:

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: shWater

memory:67:25: E5005: Function "transpose" is not defined.

at gml_Object_oOverworldWaterSprite_Draw_0



It seems to be a similar issue going on with Carrie's Order up, The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight, and Bete Grise from dread x collection 3 and probably others.

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