Describe the bug

For some reason on the last short (The one involving making your own bad sonic recolor OC) there is a part where during the explanation of what he transforms into when getting all sorts of magical mcguffins, there are weird lines on him that shouldn't be there. There's also an earlier part where the mouth effect on the narrator looks wrong when discussing begging random artists to draw your OC's.

There is a scene select, so just skip to the last short and you can easily see it.

Sonic Shorts vol 6 error

Sonic Shorts vol 6 error 2

Expected behavior

There shouldn't be weird lines going through one of his arms.

Sonic shorts vol 6 1

And there shouldn't be a weird box around the narrators mouth. (Funnily enough the converted version on NG also has the same issue, so I had to nab this from one of the older YT uploads.) Sonic Shorts vol 6 2

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 103

Additional information

No response


Sonic shorts fixed Blend mode issue with the narrator's mouth has been fixed on latest nightly desktop build and on the Webgl +Wgpu build on Newgrounds with Blend mode enabled, but the issue with lines sticking out around the middle of Cinos's arms during the transformation sequence is still there.

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