Quick questions OS: Windows 10 HOI4 version: 1.12.6 Kaiserreich version: 0.23.1 List any other mods used: No Were you using Steam? Yes Were you in multiplayer? No Which expansions do you NOT have? BftB, BBA

Explanation of the issue: Socialist Russia and Turkey have almost the same map color, potentially causing confusion about which owns/controls which territories, especially when both countries have a decent chance of bordering each other during a playthrough, or even being in the same faction.

Possible solution: Change the color of one of those two tags to another one. Maybe socialist Russia should be a darker red, or Turkey should use a different shade of red.

Screenshots: 394360_20221124143039_1

Here Western Thrace is owned by Russia while Eastern Thrace is owned by Turkey, however, they look almost the same.


The color of socialist Russia is also similar to the color of the Bharatiya Commune, but those two are less likely to border each other.


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