Describe the bug

And the swf itself if it helps make testing any easier.

Tested on NG and desktop, game seems to get stuck on the preloader almost every time on my laptop, sometimes it'll pop up with the play button, sometimes it won't, or I can use the right click play method to get it to go further, but it still gets stuck in the end.


Looking through the logs I see 3 specific errors.

AVM2 error: Object(ErrorObject(ErrorObject(GcCell(Gc { ptr: 0xb8828c }))))

ReferenceError: Error # 1069: Property threshold not found on flash.display.BitmapData and there is no default value.

Error occured when running AVM2 frame script: AvmError(Object(ErrorObject(ErrorObject(GcCell(Gc { ptr: 0xb8828c })))))

Expected behavior

It should look like this and be able to boot up to the title screen


Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 108

Additional information

No response


This game needs BitmapData.threshold on AVM2. #8822's implementation of BitmapData.threshold on AVM1 could be ported over to AVM2 to fix this issue.


Looks like bitmapdata.threshold got merged in for avm1. Maybe it could be looked into for the avm2 side in the future.

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