instead of just 'reply' , give several options combined with an emote, conveying

[1] you agree with the post, and are expanding on it ("I agree and.." ,"further to this.." , "another way to say this" ... sumarise with one emote or phrase..) [2] you disagree with the post, and are providing counter-arguments ("I disagree because..", "this is FALSE because..", "bad because..") [3] asking a relatated question [4] posts posed as questions including first post of thread get direct replies tagged as 'answer:' ; [5] catch all default - neutral response [6] praise / ("this is awesome because.." eg people posting work examples) [7] constructive critcism ("improve this by.." eg people posting work examples)


[1] help filtering,sorting the threads, eg instantly hide all disgreement on a post you agree with - finer grain filtering than individual blocks, when people have ranges of opinions on different subjects. [2] increase the value of the structured information held in mastodon databases [3] machine countable register of disagreememnt as well as agreement reduces ranting urges [4] beat elon musk to it , if he's planning on this for next gen twitter (internet resource as hivemind, ai training value)


Sorry, but we're not interested in "increas[ing] the value of the structured information held in mastodon databases" or a "machine countable register of disagreememnt". if you feel strongly about this feature, please feel free to prototype it on your own instance of in your own fork!


i can understand "we're unlikely to implement because we've got way higher priorities" but instant close without discussion seems harsh .. I've seen other people suggest simmilar . Maybe the intended culture within mastodon is no arguments (i know facebook for example also refused to have a 'downvote' as its seen as too negative. but some of this could if done right allow discussions but filter out toxicity. oh well,its your project, I'm sure someone else will do it eventually. I hadn't bothered (i had this idea 10 years ago) because its almost impossible to get attention for a new project. Elons solution was to buy in. you guys for some reason have managed to get a following. you could do innovative things with it.

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