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Versions: pg: 8.7.1 npm: 8.15.0 Node.js v18.7.0 OS: MacOS Monterey 12.5


I'm trying to use node-postrgres to connect to the cube.js postgres API.


  • When queries are correct, everything runs fine.
  • However, when the query syntax is wrong, rather than returning and handling the error message, it crashes the server.
    • This is confusing, as because when I connect to another postgres database I run, if I run a query with incorrrect syntax, then I can handle the error, and the server doesn't crash. This makes me suspect the cube.js API (though I might be wrong)
  • I'm unclear on where exactly the failure is happening, so I'm finding it hard to debug

My main question is:

  • Where is the error message unexpected error on the SQL API side, please check your deployment logs coming from? Is it being passed down from upstream, or from somewhere in node-postgres?

Full trace

select_10_broken SQLCompilationError: Internal: Initial planning error: Error during planning: Table or CTE with name 'not_a_real_table' not found 
      throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event

error: unexpected error on the SQL API side, please check your deployment logs
    at Parser.parseErrorMessage (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg-protocol/dist/parser.js:287:98)
    at Parser.handlePacket (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg-protocol/dist/parser.js:126:29)
    at Parser.parse (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg-protocol/dist/parser.js:39:38)
    at Socket.<anonymous> (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg-protocol/dist/index.js:11:42)
    at Socket.emit (node:events:513:28)
    at Socket.emit (node:domain:489:12)
    at addChunk (node:internal/streams/readable:324:12)
    at readableAddChunk (node:internal/streams/readable:297:9)
    at Readable.push (node:internal/streams/readable:234:10)
    at TCP.onStreamRead (node:internal/stream_base_commons:190:23)
Emitted 'error' event on BoundPool instance at:
    at Client.idleListener (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected][email protected]/node_modules/pg-pool/index.js:57:10)
    at Client.emit (node:events:513:28)
    at Client.emit (node:domain:489:12)
    at Client._handleErrorEvent (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg/lib/client.js:319:10)
    at Client._handleErrorMessage (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg/lib/client.js:330:12)
    at Connection.emit (node:events:513:28)
    at Connection.emit (node:domain:489:12)
    at /Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg/lib/connection.js:114:12
    at Parser.parse (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg-protocol/dist/parser.js:40:17)
    at Socket.<anonymous> (/Users/archie/Projects/evidence2/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/pg-protocol/dist/index.js:11:42) {
  length: 99,
  severity: 'FATAL',
  code: 'XX000',
  detail: undefined,
  hint: undefined,
  position: undefined,
  internalPosition: undefined,
  internalQuery: undefined,
  where: undefined,
  schema: undefined,
  table: undefined,
  column: undefined,
  dataType: undefined,
  constraint: undefined,
  file: undefined,
  line: undefined,
  routine: undefined,
  client: Client {
    _events: [Object: null prototype] { error: [Function (anonymous)] },
    _eventsCount: 1,
    _maxListeners: undefined,
    connectionParameters: ConnectionParameters {
      user: 'REDACTED',
      database: 'REDACTED',
      port: REDACTED,
      host: 'REDACTED',
      binary: false,
      options: undefined,
      ssl: false,
      client_encoding: '',
      replication: undefined,
      isDomainSocket: false,
      application_name: undefined,
      fallback_application_name: undefined,
      statement_timeout: false,
      idle_in_transaction_session_timeout: false,
      query_timeout: false,
      connect_timeout: 0
    user: 'REDACTED',
    database: 'REDACTED',
    port: REDACTED,
    host: 'REDACTED,
    replication: undefined,
    _Promise: [Function: Promise],
    _types: TypeOverrides {
      _types: {
        getTypeParser: [Function: getTypeParser],
        setTypeParser: [Function: setTypeParser],
        arrayParser: { create: [Function: create] },
        builtins: {
          BOOL: 16,
          BYTEA: 17,
          CHAR: 18,
          INT8: 20,
          INT2: 21,
          INT4: 23,
          REGPROC: 24,
          TEXT: 25,
          OID: 26,
          TID: 27,
          XID: 28,
          CID: 29,
          JSON: 114,
          XML: 142,
          PG_NODE_TREE: 194,
          SMGR: 210,
          PATH: 602,
          POLYGON: 604,
          CIDR: 650,
          FLOAT4: 700,
          FLOAT8: 701,
          ABSTIME: 702,
          RELTIME: 703,
          TINTERVAL: 704,
          CIRCLE: 718,
          MACADDR8: 774,
          MONEY: 790,
          MACADDR: 829,
          INET: 869,
          ACLITEM: 1033,
          BPCHAR: 1042,
          VARCHAR: 1043,
          DATE: 1082,
          TIME: 1083,
          TIMESTAMP: 1114,
          TIMESTAMPTZ: 1184,
          INTERVAL: 1186,
          TIMETZ: 1266,
          BIT: 1560,
          VARBIT: 1562,
          NUMERIC: 1700,
          REFCURSOR: 1790,
          REGPROCEDURE: 2202,
          REGOPER: 2203,
          REGOPERATOR: 2204,
          REGCLASS: 2205,
          REGTYPE: 2206,
          UUID: 2950,
          TXID_SNAPSHOT: 2970,
          PG_LSN: 3220,
          PG_NDISTINCT: 3361,
          PG_DEPENDENCIES: 3402,
          TSVECTOR: 3614,
          TSQUERY: 3615,
          GTSVECTOR: 3642,
          REGCONFIG: 3734,
          REGDICTIONARY: 3769,
          JSONB: 3802,
          REGNAMESPACE: 4089,
          REGROLE: 4096
      text: {},
      binary: {}
    _ending: true,
    _connecting: false,
    _connected: true,
    _connectionError: false,
    _queryable: false,
    connection: Connection {
      _events: [Object: null prototype] {
        newListener: [Function (anonymous)],
        connect: [Function (anonymous)],
        sslconnect: [Function (anonymous)],
        authenticationCleartextPassword: [Function: bound _handleAuthCleartextPassword],
        authenticationMD5Password: [Function: bound _handleAuthMD5Password],
        authenticationSASL: [Function: bound _handleAuthSASL],
        authenticationSASLContinue: [Function: bound _handleAuthSASLContinue],
        authenticationSASLFinal: [Function: bound _handleAuthSASLFinal],
        backendKeyData: [Function: bound _handleBackendKeyData],
        error: [Function: bound _handleErrorEvent],
        errorMessage: [Function: bound _handleErrorMessage],
        readyForQuery: [Function: bound _handleReadyForQuery],
        notice: [Function: bound _handleNotice],
        rowDescription: [Function: bound _handleRowDescription],
        dataRow: [Function: bound _handleDataRow],
        portalSuspended: [Function: bound _handlePortalSuspended],
        emptyQuery: [Function: bound _handleEmptyQuery],
        commandComplete: [Function: bound _handleCommandComplete],
        parseComplete: [Function: bound _handleParseComplete],
        copyInResponse: [Function: bound _handleCopyInResponse],
        copyData: [Function: bound _handleCopyData],
        notification: [Function: bound _handleNotification],
        end: [
          [Function: bound onceWrapper] {
            listener: [Function (anonymous)]
          [Function: bound onceWrapper] {
            listener: [Function (anonymous)]
          [Function: bound onceWrapper] {
            listener: [Function (anonymous)]
      _eventsCount: 23,
      _maxListeners: undefined,
      stream: Socket {
        connecting: false,
        _hadError: false,
        _parent: null,
        _host: REDACTED,
        _readableState: ReadableState {
          objectMode: false,
          highWaterMark: 16384,
          buffer: BufferList { head: null, tail: null, length: 0 },
          length: 0,
          pipes: [],
          flowing: true,
          ended: false,
          endEmitted: false,
          reading: false,
          constructed: true,
          sync: false,
          needReadable: true,
          emittedReadable: false,
          readableListening: false,
          resumeScheduled: false,
          errorEmitted: false,
          emitClose: false,
          autoDestroy: true,
          destroyed: true,
          errored: null,
          closed: true,
          closeEmitted: false,
          defaultEncoding: 'utf8',
          awaitDrainWriters: null,
          multiAwaitDrain: false,
          readingMore: false,
          dataEmitted: true,
          decoder: null,
          encoding: null,
          [Symbol(kPaused)]: false
        _events: [Object: null prototype] {
          end: [
            [Function: onReadableStreamEnd],
            [Function (anonymous)],
            [Function (anonymous)]
          error: [Function: reportStreamError],
          close: [Function (anonymous)],
          data: [Function (anonymous)]
        _eventsCount: 4,
        _maxListeners: undefined,
        _writableState: WritableState {
          objectMode: false,
          highWaterMark: 16384,
          finalCalled: true,
          needDrain: false,
          ending: true,
          ended: true,
          finished: true,
          destroyed: true,
          decodeStrings: false,
          defaultEncoding: 'utf8',
          length: 0,
          writing: false,
          corked: 0,
          sync: false,
          bufferProcessing: false,
          onwrite: [Function: bound onwrite],
          writecb: null,
          writelen: 0,
          afterWriteTickInfo: null,
          buffered: [],
          bufferedIndex: 0,
          allBuffers: true,
          allNoop: true,
          pendingcb: 0,
          constructed: true,
          prefinished: true,
          errorEmitted: false,
          emitClose: false,
          autoDestroy: true,
          errored: null,
          closed: true,
          closeEmitted: false,
          [Symbol(kOnFinished)]: []
        allowHalfOpen: false,
        _sockname: null,
        _pendingData: null,
        _pendingEncoding: '',
        server: null,
        _server: null,
        [Symbol(async_id_symbol)]: 5800,
        [Symbol(kHandle)]: null,
        [Symbol(lastWriteQueueSize)]: 0,
        [Symbol(timeout)]: null,
        [Symbol(kBuffer)]: null,
        [Symbol(kBufferCb)]: null,
        [Symbol(kBufferGen)]: null,
        [Symbol(kCapture)]: false,
        [Symbol(kSetNoDelay)]: true,
        [Symbol(kSetKeepAlive)]: false,
        [Symbol(kSetKeepAliveInitialDelay)]: 0,
        [Symbol(kBytesRead)]: 520,
        [Symbol(kBytesWritten)]: 156
      _keepAlive: false,
      _keepAliveInitialDelayMillis: 0,
      lastBuffer: false,
      parsedStatements: {},
      ssl: false,
      _ending: true,
      _emitMessage: false,
      _connecting: true,
      [Symbol(kCapture)]: false
    queryQueue: [],
    binary: false,
    processID: 17,
    secretKey: -1303646577,
    ssl: false,
    _connectionTimeoutMillis: 0,
    _connectionCallback: null,
    release: [Function (anonymous)],
    activeQuery: null,
    readyForQuery: true,
    hasExecuted: true,
    _poolUseCount: 1,
    [Symbol(kCapture)]: false

It seems this is an issue in Cube.js:

Closing this

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