Describe the bug

The animation itself looks and plays correctly all up to the part where they watch the titanic, nothing appears on the display screen when it happens.

Animation has since been yanked off NG for copyright reasons, so you have to either use flashpoint or an Internet archive link. Tested with the latest nightly. Tankman Titanic Ruffle

Expected behavior

A scene from the Titanic should be appearing on the display at this part. Tankman Titanic Flash

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 103

Additional information

No response


This seems to be an embedded VP6 video, so I don't know why it doesn't work! I don't see any relevant log messages either.


Direct SWF link:

~~Running on #7484, I'm getting I whole lot of Webgpu backend does not yet support blend mode ... warnings. Cc:


(Those warnings are there on that branch with every animation it seems...)

Still, there is at least one PlaceObject tag with Layer blendMode. That could be it.


Tankmen fixed Issue has been fixed on desktop as of the latest Ruffle Nightly, haven't checked on web cause it was yanked off NG for copyright long ago, but I have a feeling it should work on webgl + wgpu with blend modes too, dunno if I should keep it open to confirm or not.

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