Describe the bug From my testing i've noticed 2 specific issues with this game, the first seems to be consistent across all versions of Ruffle and the second seems to be only on NG's build and on desktop.

1: When turning your car in the arena, the audio that plays when you turn will get real damn loud as soon as you stop. I've compared it between flash and ruffle and Flash doesn't blow out my ear drums every time I turn for a second or so. Easiest way to trigger it is to turn left or right for a second or so then let go. (Highly suggest lowering the volume when trying this)

2: When running the web version of ruffle with the canvas renderer, the performance is rock solid albeit with missing blood effects and the arena floor being black (I'm presuming because of bitmap.draw being needed), but when I try it on NG or desktop, the arena floor and the blood effects seem to show up fine, but performance takes a hit as soon as I ram full speed into a ped.

Expected behavior

For my eardrums not to get blown out every time I turn and for ruffle to not freeze up on desktop or NG when I run full speed into a ped.

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 108

Additional information

No response


The second point should have been fixed by #9077.


Trying it out again, I don't believe that actually changed anything about the second point. The game still noticably freezes up for a bit when ramming full speed into an enemy, on NG with the webgl-wgpu build or on Desktop.


Testing again as of the latest nightly, the game still freezes for a small bit once you drive into a ped at the start of a level, but the game doesn't seem to stutter and lag like hell afterwards like it did before now after that.

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