Which feature do you think can be improved?

The qemu hotplug cpu error was hidden, when I failed to create a kata vm with 8 vcpu cores on the arm64 system server. Only got the following containerd error: "failed to create containerd task: failed to hot add vCPUs: only 0 vCPUs of 8 were added: unknown" src/runtime/virtcontainers/qemu.go

if err := q.qmpMonitorCh.qmp.ExecuteCPUDeviceAdd(q.qmpMonitorCh.ctx, driver, cpuID, socketID, dieID, coreID, threadID, romFile); err != nil { // don't fail, let's try with other CPU continue }

I couldn't get error message of the qemu command failed reason. I hope to get the detail of qemu command executed failed reason.

How can it be improved?

Improve the hotplug cpu operation, add one warn log when the qemu command of the hotplug cpu failed. Give the user the detail info of the "failed to hot add vCPUs" error.

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